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What to choose? Two garage gates, or one wide?

When we have a need for a large garage gate, because our garage is a spacious place, we must ask ourselves if there are a better solution to two garage gates next to each other. We rarely happen that we open two garage gates at once, thanks to such a security, we consume less electricity, and the surface of the garage in winter does not break down, for summer days heats up.

What two gates are not one

Use of two garage door instead of one is a very favorable solution, because for many people two entras are better than one wide. This is due to the fact that two gates are very rarely open. Thanks to such an ergonomic solution, less electricity and heating bills are cheaper. Gate entry holes are designed safe enough that they can easily leave and drive big passenger cars, very smoothly without any stubborn for posts. Therefore, this solution is extremely beneficial for people with such demand. The garage gates are automatically controlled on the remote control, which mostly host carries with each other in the car. Already entering the driveway, you can open a gate using the remote control, which will go into a very smooth way, making a place to enter. Two gates instead of one major definitely reduce the cost and visually look great.

garage gates

garage gates

Secure garage doors

When choosing gates we have to remember to choose those with different security elements. These can be strengthened profiles or swivel handles with a bolt. In the rolling gates, additional protection is the electromagnetic brake of the gate driving actuator. You can successfully apply a blocking profile in the winding shaft, which can not be invaded inside. The gate automation is already a standard, which translates into a greater comfort of the gate. To open a gate, we do not have to get out of the car, just remote remote control. It is very helpful especially in winter, autumn, where rain and snow could wet our head. Another important issue is to choose a garage gate so that it component well with the façade. Overcurrent contrast is not good, while balanced colors should be chosen for window and door joinery or roof covering.

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