Roller Garage Doors

RSGD offers the only UL approved Round-the-Corner garage door motor available in North America. But what does “round-the-corner” mean and why should you choose one for your home?
Our Round-the-Corner garage doors slide horizontally to open and close. When they open, they wrap around the interior wall of your garage, rather than going up and overhead as standard garage doors do.
There are several reasons to choose a Round-the-Corner garage door, some for practical purposes and others for design preference.In some cases, architects choose a side sliding garage door because it is simply the best option for a unique design. For example, with a cantilevered garage design, a Round-the-Corner garage door is the most practical choice because it can wrap around the full garage opening, allowing full access from two sides when it is retracted.

Round-the-Corner Garage Door Functionality

Garage doors corners can also be crafted for curved openings, arches, serpentine designs and more.
A horizontal sliding garage door is also the perfect choice when you have limited ceiling height that won’t allow room for an overhead garage door.
Our sliding garage doors also allow for easy partial opening, which means that you can achieve a door-within-a-door capability and use the garage as a pedestrian entrance.

Design Possibilities Are Nearly Limitless
In some cases, architects recommend our Round-the-Corner garage doors for design reasons.
Our doors designs for any architectural style, from classic to modern and everything in between. Each door is custom design to the needs of the project and handcraft from premium materials.

Round the Corner garage doors were amongst the earliest varieties of garage doors popularised in the UK market. Often constructed from timber, panels are inserted onto top-hung rollers and guided through floor tracks to follow the desired path.

Older models suffered from issues with obstructions to the floor tracks, with leaves, stones and other unwanted debris getting stuck. Technical developments in the garage door industry mean that this is no longer a concern, making Round the Corner doors a truly desirable aspect of any property.
Round the Corner doors operate seamlessly, with manual or electric operation available. The effective and innovative engineering involved means these doors require little mainteinence.

A round the corner or ‘RTC’ door offers great flexibility with internal door travel as well as the benefits of not swinging outwards when opening or closing. Timber round the corner garage doors are manufactured by only a handful of specialist companies and most of them are based in Northern Europe. The older sliding RTC timber doors we maybe see in this country still were traditionally constructed by a joiner and then all the operating gear was sourced from a company like Henderson, King or Hillaldumn Coburn and the gear was out together with the panels on site and could take an awful long time to install. These doors are still out there but the modern round the corner timber doors now available still use traditional joinery methods but offer a tested and certified system with everything coming from one source. Although timber RTC doors are never going to be a budget door they are a great door and more like a piece of furniture for the proud garage owner who maybe has an extra large garage or maybe uses the garage far more than the average person.

All round the corner timber doors are made to order and there is a large choice of timber species available especialy as the door design means there is far less emphasis focussed on the timber weight as it is spread evenly across the door mechanism. Very large widths can be accomodated using an RTC door and this can be either in one section or a bi parting door design.

There are 2 types of basic design for any RTC door – The traditional design using vertical slats, usually about 80mm wide or the side sectional, using individual joinery constructed panels usually about 400mm wide on average.
The difference is mainly visual of course as they both slide sideways but the side sectional door can have many designs and also incorporate glazing in the panels. Both doors can be constructed using Larch, Oak, Cedar, Red Meranti, Superior Spruce, Hemlock and Mahogany to name a few.

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